I feel like I haven’t written anything in an age and I know the 5 people (I might be being generous to myself there) who ever read this blog will be missing me. Ha! I’m grateful for those few reads of my very self-absorbed ramblings. I’ve been busy: turning 25, travelling the South Island, applying for jobs, moving countries, voting (eugh) and cleaning the grotty but cute flat I’ve moved into.  So here we go…

I have been back in the UK for nearly two weeks. I live in central London and every day when I look out of my window, I say to myself ‘I live here now’ – often feeling both giddy and little confused. It’s almost sunk in.

It’s mental because I’d spent the previous month travelling round the South Island of NZ on my own, chatting to sheep and generally being an introvert. There are hardly any people on the South Island and heaps of natural beauty so it’s been a little culture shock coming back to London where there are people EVERYWHERE. It’s also mental because I don’t have a job yet and a dwindling overdraft. Finally, it’s mental because I’ve moved in with the boy (okay we’ve pretty much been doing that for the last 5 months anyway), but this is properly. I think I might be an adult now…

It’s amazing because I’m getting to explore a part of London that is new to me. And it’s amazing because there are so many people (I just have to get over the fact that not all of them will smile back at me when I grin at them like a loon). It’s amazing because the architecture in London is so varied, I walk down the street and see a building from yonks ago that’s still standing next to some fancy modern building and it all works perfectly.

On the whole I’m pretty excited to be back in the UK (aside from the shit storm that is brexit, the government and terrorist attacks). I’m excited to be able to hang out with my friends, see the rest of my family more, be able to visit Europe easily (love ya long time EU). I’m excited for a British Summer, to start working, to be living with the boy, to be figuring out what I want to do with this life of mine (a fairly constant deliberation ha!).

I am ridiculously happy that I spent the last 18 months in NZ. I met some fantastic people, got to hang out with my sister ALL the time, surrounded myself in the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen and cheesy but true…I think I learnt heaps about myself (like the word heaps has crept into my vocabulary). NZ you were a total babe to me and I will be back.